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About Darren

Bio: Just like everyone else, I originally started taking photos of my own dogs. It was during much of this experimentation that I discovered my calling. I am a photography enthusiast and a dog lover; merging these two interests simply came naturally. I have the technical photography training from years of model workshops from some of the city’s best photographers. However, I also  love of capturing our fine furry friends… it takes patience and sense of humour to work with animals. I know dogs do not always do what we want them to; I am prepared to put in the time to bond with the dogs to capture those magical moments.

When I started to share photos my own dog on the internet he became a bit of an internet star. My photos were discovered by a stock agency and can now be seen on the cover of books, dvds, greeting cards, puzzles and all sorts of websites. Many people approached me to tell me I should go into dog photography and after much thought I decided they were right. Working with dogs is not easy and I do seem to have the right temperament for it, plus I love to be around dogs.

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