I am used to getting calls from owners whose dogs are getting older to help capture some lasting memories while they can, but this one was a first for me. I was contacted by Jade and Alex to capture photos of their service dog before he was sent off to the MIRA Foundation for his training. The challenge for me was similar, at the time of the call we only had two weeks to make this work before Gallix would begin his training.

I think many of us dog owners would find it very difficult to raise a puppy only to hand him over to be trained as a service animal yet that is exactly the kind of selfless people the MIRA Foundation needs. Exactly the kind of people that Jade and Alex are. I’m sure we would all like to thank them for the service they have done. Their selflessness did not end with Gallix as they have already taken on another puppy who will someday become a service dog.

Gallix is obviously a Bernese Mountain Dog, and for anybody who has never met one, these are gentle giants and I’m sure they make excellent service animals.