You probably remember photos of a beautiful young golden retriever puppy in some of my promotional materials. That was Blue, and this was his follow up visit 1.5 years later.

For this photoshoot we wanted to capture some family photos, nothing to staged, just the happy family with the dog.



Next we had the idea to do a “Throwback Thursday” type of pose where we tried to recreate a pose from the first session now that he is much larger. That was fun, I’d like to try this idea more often.

January 2015



June 2013DSC_9886-Edit

It certainly was not hard to get photos of Blue looking happy. The more people around, the happier he is. Golden Retrievers are known to be real people pleasers.DSC_0816-Edit

Next we took him outside for some outdoor photos, he didn’t seem to mind the snow at all.