K-9 Kup June 16th, 2013


I photographed the very soggy K-9 Kup event on June 16th. I have photos of all the dogs in Division 1 for sale.

If you want to see the photos please drop me an email and I’ll make them available to you.

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  • Jo Anne Cunningham

    Hi Darren – my dog, Cyrus, competed at Sogfest, the first K9 Kup, and I remember there was at least one picture that I would like to have from that effort, but can’t really remember if there are others from the remaining two we attended – is it possible to have a look to see if there are others I would like to order? Thanks very much, Jo Anne

    • pagumaster@gmail.com

      Hi Jo Anne,

      Sure do, I’ll send you an email with a link.

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