Do you wish you could take better photos of Rover or Fluffy? Are you struggling and don’t know why? Let me help you.

I am now offering a one-on-one better pet photography session.

This session includes:

  • Theoretical background¬†explained to you in simple terms.
  • Composition Rules to help you create stronger images.
  • Custom suggestions for your camera.
  • Hands on practice with my personal guidance.
  • A mini portrait session.
  • Post session email assistance.

You get to keep any photos taken with your camera with all rights regardless of whether they were taken by you or me. In addition to those you will get to choose three photos taken by my camera as part of the mini-portrait session.

As much as I would like you to hire me for all your pet photography needs it’s simply not practical. Most could not afford it, but also being with your pet at all hours of the day you have the benefit of being there when those special moments happen. That is something no pet photographer will ever have. Let me help you so the next time Rover or Fluffy does something special you are better able to capture it.

Introductory Price: $200