I frequently get requests from animal shelters or rescues and although I’d like to help them all, I have to respect my own time and business as well. Every year I do donate a certain amount of time to various animal causes but I have to have limits. I think I have found a way to help more.

When it comes to picking an animal shelter or rescue things can get subjective. People can be very opinionated when it comes to the different rescues. I’m sure some rescues are better in some ways than others, but I like to believe they are all doing what they can to help animals in need. I do not want to, nor am I in any position to sit here and judge. So I’ve come up with a way where you can actually choose who gets help. If someone adopts an animal from any rescue or shelter and books a session with me, I will donate 10% of the proceeds back to the rescue or shelter. This will also count when the rescue or shelter refers the owner directly to me.

Since you have decided the rescue is worthy by adopting their animal, we can further reward them with cash going back into their coffers to help more animals.

If you know people who work in animal shelters or rescues feel free to pass them my name.







Dog pictured is Floyd, my hound mix adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society in 2008.