Last week I attended a lecture from an event photographer and had a eureka moment. I’ve been struggling with how to differentiate myself from other pet photographers and I think I have found my niche. Most local pet photographers treat your session as a portrait session and certainly there is demand for that and I will continue to offer this service myself. They will charge you a session fee and sometimes they will include a few prints as part of the package but it gets very expensive if you want many of photos from the session. I want to treat your dog’s photography session as an event. I want you to have as many great photos of your dog as possible!

Last week I spent a lot of time investigating local Pet Photographers and I realized my services may not have been targeting all the potential clients. I still want to be able to accommodate the more budget oriented clients so I am retaining my basic portrait package at the same price. I have introduced two new packages to accommodate clients who want a bigger experience.

Click here for a complete list of new rates and services.

I am also introducing a Referral bonus. For each client that you refer you will receive either a $25 discount towards a future session, or an additional prints from a historic session.


I will honour any outstanding quotes from the last six months if booked (with deposit) before the end of May.