The Ottawa Humane Society‘s Wiggle Waggle Walkathon has always been close to my heart. I’ve adopted two dogs from OHS and I went to every walkathon with my first dog until his passing. I was asked to fill in when another photographer cancelled and of course I accepted as I was happy to help the charity that brought Floyd into my life. In the days before the event it was starting to look like the weather was going to be an issue, but I of course would not be the 2nd photographer to abandon them. I do not abandon my commitments. Unfortunately the rain did take away from the crowds and ultimate once the lighting started the police called off the event for safety reasons. We were after all inside tents being held up by large metal poles in the middle of an open field.

Unfortunately for OHS, the poor weather greatly affected the amount of money they raise. This event is their biggest fundraiser of the year and it was cut short. They now will not have as much funds as they expected or need to help the animals. If you can help out, please do. Here’s more information on the Wiggle Waggle Washout.

Unfortunately, due to the poor weather I also only photographed two dogs before it was cancelled and we had to work inside a tent.