This post is a little departure for me. I do a fair bit of travelling around the world and I am always drawn to the dogs I see. I’ve decided I should start documenting some of these dogs I meet. In Athens there is a high population of street dogs and it’s impossible to not notice them.I think the first impression for North Americans is that this is a sad state for dogs to live but the solutions to these problems are not so simple. We do not have a feral dog problem in North America, instead we euthanize millions of healthy dogs every year. Which is worse? I’m not sure, but nor do I really want to discuss this heavy and sad subject. I wish every dog could enjoy a happy home with a family who loves and cares for him or her. Here are some photos of the dogs I saw.

This was the first street dog I encountered in Athens. I found him at Monastiraki square. He was very docile and well fed. The corner was home to many food vendors and the square is very popular with tourists, I’m sure he benefits from that. I captured this image very early in the morning when he was pretty much alone, but when I returned later in the afternoon he was still sleeping but there were hundreds of tourists seated all around the square. DSC_7071-Edit

While walking around the side streets of downtown I ran into this friendly fellow. I don’t have much of a story to go along with it, but again the dog was just watching the people come and go.



This fellow opted for more privacy. He was resting in the Greek ruins themselves, behind a fence. I suppose once the crowds arrived his privacy would be diminished.



This guy looked sad to me. I hope it was a case of me projecting feelings, even my own dog looks sad all the time.

I would imagine the lifespan of a street dog would normally be a lot shorter than a house pet but this one seemed to be a little on the older side.

I was travelling on a cruise ship this time and at the end of my day when I returned to my ship I saw these two dogs sunning themselves on the dock near the boat. I don’t know, were they accustomed to being fed or loved by the crew that came in? Or maybe they were just looking for quiet from the crowds about to arrive. They were not at all disturbed by my approaching to take their photos.