As I mentioned in my Street Dogs of Athens post I had been planning to photograph dogs I see during my travels. Certainly feral cats are probably even more common around the world, but they are often more skittish and do not allow you to approach too easily. I saw quite a few cats while walking around the old town of Dubrovnik and I got the idea of creating a companion piece to the Dogs of Athens.

This guy was having a good news on a piece of the old wall.



This one seemed to be having an issue with an eye.DSC_6790

This one was one of the nice surprises of the day. As I was climbing one of the many long set of stairs in the old town this kitten stumbled out of a shop. It was not a stray but it was very curious and the shopkeeper watched with a smile as it posed for me for quite a bit of time.



This cat… Oops, oh well, why waste a nice photo of a beautiful dog!?



Another cat sleeping on the old wall. I can assure you this cat is not dead. It actually moved while I was taking it’s pictureDSC_6959


This guy had quite a view of the city. I found him near the highest point.DSC_6976


This cat was just hanging around outside a couple restaurants. Maybe he was having a hard time deciding which to go to.