I recently was on vacation in California. Being such a dog oriented person I usually end up taking photos of the dogs I meet during my vacations. This time I had a unique opportunity because the hosts of the Inn we were staying at owned a Vizsla named Blue.

I got to spend quite a bit of time with Blue over a two day period so it was more than just a few quick snaps. Blue really liked to socialize with the gusts during the cocktail hour. He of course was well behaved but if guests approached him to play he would be up for it. I of course could not resist his charm, it was almost like having a loaner dog while missing my own.

If you ever find yourself in Palm Springs and are looking for a place to stay I would strongly recommend either The Orbit Inn or The Hideaway. We had the pleasure of staying in both of them and if you’re lucky you might have a red headed canine come say hello too.